Template Creation/Modification Service$120USD/hour
Typesetting Service$100USD/hour
Document Automation Service$150USD/hour
A minimum project duration of 4 hours applies. For projects requiring less than 4 hours of work, you will be charged the price for 4 hours. To get a feel for how long projects take, see durations of previous projects on the Showcase page. The FAQ page has more information on this requirement.


Documents often contain sensitive commercial information, trade secrets or unpublished research. Your privacy is extremely important to LaTeX Typesetting so details of your project will never be shared with anyone outside of LaTeX Typesetting (trading as Creodocs Ltd) without your written permission. You may request that all communication and/or project data be deleted after the completion of your project—send an email to to organize this. Please note that financial records and offline backups will still contain project information for auditing purposes.


  1. Pricing is subject to change over time. The rate at the time of your enquiry is the rate you will be charged for the project.
  2. LaTeX Typesetting will endeavour to provide a quick turn-around time for all enquiries and projects. From payment of the first half to a first draft of your project will take no more than one week (unless otherwise agreed). You will be notified if there are significant delays at which point a refund of payment or discount can be arranged if required.
  3. The decision to accept any given project is at the discretion of LaTeX Typesetting. No guarantee of service can be provided for every request.

Conditions Specific to the Template Creation/Modification Service

  1. LaTeX Typesetting will not infringe on the copyright of third parties. This means a project request may be declined if you ask for the verbatim copying of an existing design for which you do not have copyright.
  2. Commercial fonts can be bundled with your template to enable maximum portability across all platforms, but they must be supplied by you and you must ensure you have paid for an adequate license to enable their use.

Conditions Specific to the Typesetting Service

  1. All documents are only typeset in English.
  2. LaTeX Typesetting does not provide document editing services. It is your responsibility to ensure the content provided for typesetting is free from spelling and grammatical errors.
  3. The Typesetting Service does not include significant modification to the structure/layout of templates. If these are required, you will be asked to make use of the Template Modification Service to pay for the time required to make these changes.

Conditions Specific to the Document Automation Service

  1. LaTeX Typesetting may refuse a request if your project is deemed to compete too closely with Creodocs.